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Japanese saws

Japanese arborist saw, ZENSHIN brand.
55.00 EUR
Japanese arborist saw, pulling cut and deep teeth, with wooden sheath. ZENSHIN brand.

Made in Japan.
Bamboo saw model 3 PRO +. RAZORSAW brand.
55.00 EUR
Japanese bamboo saw PRO + (Razorsaw Select 250) with scabbard and safety.
Fine Japanese teeth (15 teeth per inch) with pulling cut, in chromed alloyed steel.
Unrivaled bite for fast, clean and precise cuts.

Equipped with a safety device that clips the blade as soon as it is stored.

Also suitable for PVC and resin.

Made in Japan.
Japanese arborist saw coated with Teflon, Saboten brand.
50.00 EUR
Narrow Japanese arborist saw with pulling cut, Teflon coated blade, SABOTEN brand.
Bamboo saw, model 4 ECO. TENJU brand.
39.00 EUR
Japanese bamboo saw, TENJU brand. For quick and clean cuts of bamboo. Also suitable for PVC and resin. Very fine Japanese tooth saw (18 teeth per inch) with a pulling cut. Relatively flexible blade. We prefer the 2 PRO model or the 3 PRO + model for intensive or professional use.


Japanese arborist saw, TENJU brand.
49.00 EUR
Japanese arborist saw with pulling cut, TENJU brand, blade of 305 mm with wooden sheath.
TENJU brand.
Japanese folding arborist saw. TENJU brand.
40.00 EUR
Japanese pocket arborist saw. Folding saw with pulling cut, TENJU brand.
Japanese saw on telescopic pole 178 cm - 300 cm, Nishigaki brand.
95.00 EUR
Japanese pruning saw on telescopic pole from the famous brand Nishigaki. Thick and rather rigid blade with Japanese toothing (pulling cut) of 27 cm mounted on an ultra-light aluminum pole. The length of the tool can vary from 1.78 m to 3 m. Perfect for fruit pruning or pruning small trees.

Made in Japan.