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What about us - Niwashi

What about us ?

Niwashi is N ° 1 in France for Japanese hand tools for the garden.

Niwashi is a trademark registered by Olivier GESLIN on behalf of his company Abondance Ô jardins, a landscaping company founded in 2003, for all its activities related to traditional Japanese gardens and high quality Japanese tools for gardening.

Olivier GESLIN is one of the most advanced landscapers in Europe concerning the design and construction of traditional Japanese gardens.

During 2019, he founded the Japanese Garden Society - France.

Indeed, since 2010, Niwashi is a professional training center allowing you to initiate yourself to the traditional techniques of design and implementation of Japanese gardens.

We offer you the best of Japanese tools on our online store. All the Japanese tools presented have been tested and selected by our landscapers in professional situations.

We assure you the delivery of handcrafted articles of exceptional quality for the realization and maintenance of your gardens.

If you want to be supported in the design and construction of a traditional Japanese garden, Niwashi is also a design office and a network of specialized landscapers who can intervene in France and Europe, with the support of Japanese gardeners.

We can also import exceptional Japanese garden furniture (Japanese lanterns, basins, stones, etc.) imported directly from Japan. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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