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"Nobinobi" Japanese telescopic shears, Nishigaki brand.

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2-handed telescopic Japanese shears, "Nobinobi" model from Nishigaki.
Ultra-light (aluminum handles).

The main advantage of these shears, apart from the cutting quality and lightness already present on the other models in this range, are its telescopic aluminum handles which make the tool go from 66 cm to 100 cm in length in a jiffy. maximum (it can be less, you adjust the length as you see fit to suit your work). Turn your wrist a quarter turn to the left and you have unlocked the handle, adjust it and turn the handle a quarter turn to the right, it's locked ! You ready to work...

Ideal for picking up branches that are too far away on the top of a hedge or for trimming the sides up to 1.50 m above your head without having to get out of scaffolding or a tripod stepladder (alos on sale on this site :-).

Also very useful for trimming the sides of edged boxwood without having to bend over...
Its small tapered blade 15 cm long allows very precise work and a very high torque for cutting stronger branches when the handles are extended to the maximum.

The blades are made of SK-5 high carbon steel and cold forged (semi-industrial production with hand finishing).
SK-5 steel is extremely strong and spaces out sharpenings considerably.

Hardness index (Rockwell): HRC 58 (European blades are often between 48 and 52).
The edge of the blades is polished with a "mirror" finish for a perfect cut, to limit the adhesion of sap or resin and to facilitate their cleaning. The rest of the back of the blades has a matte grainy finish.

The body of the blades are not hollowed out like on the N-226 model but they are however designed to twist slightly when cutting in order to limit friction and optimize the cut. Only the cutting edges intersect with a noise that says a lot about the quality of the cut.

There are no pads to absorb the shock between the blade stroke limiters (therefore there is no wear on this part as on the N-226 and therefore no risk of loss of the pads either ). However, the aluminum handles provide very pleasant cushioning and flexibility when working. The end of the sleeves is covered with a plastic coating over 18 cm for a good grip.

Weight : 925g. Length : from 66 cm to 100 cm. Blades : 150mm.

These shears can cleanly cut sections of green wood from 15 to 20 mm. However, to preserve the handles, beyond 15 mm in section, we recommend the use of secateurs or force secateurs more suited to this use.

Fitted with a blade tightening ring, "chrysanthemum flower" pattern, a symbol of longevity...

Ideal for enthusiasts of Japanese pruned trees and professionals in the garden and horticulture. Convenient for trimming hedges and topiary (Niwaki tree tops, boxwood, azaleas, etc.)

Delivered without leather case (just a vinyl case).

Nishigaki brand.
Made in Japan.