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Camellia oil - 245 ml bottle.

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Camellia oil. 245 ml bottle.

The seeds of this beautiful shrub (camellia oleifera) give an oil with exceptional qualities.

Used for a long time in Japan for the preservation against oxidation of the blades of sabers, saws, knives, scissors, garden tools... Camellia oil also protects leather and wooden handles.

This oil, mainly of vegetable origin, is particularly appreciated for the protection of kitchen knives.
It is an obvious alternative to polluting mineral oils.
Organic cooks and gardeners will appreciate...

Be careful, even if it is classified as non-toxic, it is not a food oil.

This oil intended for cutlery also contains, in small quantities, a paraffinic oil of mineral origin and an emollient ester oil used in cosmetics as well as a yellow dye.
The safety data sheet is available for consultation.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
The manufacturer advises washing hands with soap within 15 minutes after use.
In the event of contact with the eyes, wash immediately and abundantly with clear water for 15 minutes and consult a specialist.

245ml bottle.
With Spray without propellant gas, very practical.

Directions for use: Spray the axle of your tool to lubricate it and a few drops on the surface to be protected from oxidation, spread roughly over the entire surface (watch your fingers with the cutting edges!), finally, wipe with a cloth to homogenize the application and remove the excess.
Your tool is protected until its next use! Finally, wash your hands with soap.

We also mention a handy little abura tsubo (oil reservoir) with a pad applicator to spread camellia oil easily and evenly on the blades of your tools (reference 251A).

To be kept in the Niwashi tool kit, with its pruning tools !

Made in Japan.