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Camellia oil dispenser - Abura Tsubo

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Abura Tsubo, Camellia oil dispenser.

Camellia Oil tank with Applicator Pad.

Delivered without oil.

Small plastic bottle intended to receive approximately 30 ml of camellia oil and equipped with an applicator pad to distribute the oil evenly and quickly on your tools in order to protect them from corrosion. 
Avoid overconsumption of oil.

The tank contains a gauze that soaks in oil when you fill it.
This gauze, in contact with the applicator pad, allows the oil to rise by capillarity.

Abura tsubo were traditionally made of bamboo, working on the same ingenious principle of capillarity.

Sealing is ensured here by a rubber gasket between the tank and the applicator.
The applicator is protected from drying out by a plastic cap screwed onto the bottle.

Attention, to respect the principle of capillarity, be sure to keep the applicator cap upwards during transport otherwise the oil will oversaturate the applicator cap and possibly leak.
We advise you not to fill too much oil !

Height with cap : 87 mm.
Outer diameter : 44mm.
Empty weight : 63 g.
Filled weight : 93 g.

Attention, this applicator bottle is delivered without oil !
We invite you to fill it with a 245 ml bottle of camellia oil available on our site.

The applicator pad is pre-soaked in oil in order to begin its use, but the smell seems to us to betray a rather mineral oil... We advise you to avoid contact with the skin and to wash your hands after use.

Morihei brand.
Made in Japan.