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Kama, japanese sickles

Japanese weeding sickle Nejiri Kama
20.00 EUR
Japanese weeding sickle, called Nejiri kama, made in carbon steel with twisted tang.
Ideal for weeding flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, rock gardens and weeding in general, as a weed or scraper...

Made in Japan.
Japanese pruning sickle
70.00 EUR
Pruning sickle or Nobori Kama, a sort of carbon steel pruning sickle used by Japanese gardeners to prune by climbing trees. Very useful also for brushcutting. 5.5 mm thick carbon steel blade, hot rolled and treated, Rockwell HRC 62 hardness for an extremely hard and durable cutting edge.

Made in Japan.
Japanese multipurpose stainless steel weeding sickle
25.00 EUR
Japanese weeding sickle. Superb weeding tool. At the same time scraper, weed, sickle, weeding knife, edger ... To discover absolutely !

Made in Japan.
Small stainless steel weeding sickle
19.00 EUR
Small Japanese stainless steel sickle for weeding or picking.

Sickle for picking vegetables, lavender and aromatics.
30.00 EUR
Sickle for picking vegetables, lavender and aromatics. Very light but effective tool. Made in stainless steel.
Forged in Japan.
Sickle for picking, market gardening and aromatics in carbon steel
25.00 EUR
Japanese sickle for picking, market gardening and aromatics, in SK-5 carbon steel.

Kama, authentic Japanese sickle
49.00 EUR
Kama, a real traditional Japanese sickle, for mowing or cutting brambles and small woody plants, split bamboos...

Made in Japan.