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Japanese multipurpose stainless steel weeding sickle

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Superb weeding tool. At the same time, scraper, weeder, sickle, weeding knife... And incidentally, I also use it to redo the edges of flower beds. All those to whom I have introduced this tool can no longer do without it !

Particularly practical in masonry joints or rockeries, I also appreciate it very much for removing plants with rosettes (dandelions, plantains, etc.) or young adventitious woody plants with a very strong taproot, already too established for pull it out by hand. I can also use it as a sickle for woody vines (vines, wild clematis, etc.)
It is also very practical for removing ivy on the walls!
It can also be used for picking vegetables...

The curved stainless steel blade is provided with serrated teeth, which makes it possible to overcome the densest roots. The gesture is between sawing with a pull-cut saw and performing a cut with a sickle.

Low carbon stainless steel blade and ferrule for prolonged contact with soil and moisture 
(420J2 stainless steel blade - 54 hardness index - and SUS304 stainless steel ferrules).
9cm blade.
The blades are difficult to resharpen, You can try to resharp the toothes with patience, thanks to our diamond files.
Or,in case of impatience, you can buy a new one !
Don't worry, I've been using the same one for years without any problems. He always cuts !

25 cm poplar handle painted in black with an appreciable ergonomic design for one-handed use.
Total length of the tool : 33 cm.
Tool weight : 127 gr.

Made in Japan.