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Hori Hori in stainless steel.

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The Hori Hori is the Japanese all-rounder in the garden... it is intended for working in the soil.

Simple knife with a Japanese edge, it becomes a gouge or weeding knife and an excellent dibbler for small buckets or bulbs ... The blade is slightly concave allowing to take a little material (potting soil, sand, mortar...)
This tool is also perfect for loosening the soil in flower beds.
Perfect for dividing perennial clumps, rhizomes or bulbs, it is also practical for removing clods (cutting roots, disemboweling containers, etc.)

Western gardeners discover it and love it.

Its second cutting edge is equipped with an efficient saw !
The side of the blade is engraved with a 15 cm ruler graduated in cm. Practical for measuring anything, especially bulbs and their planting depths !

The silver blade is 2.5mm stainless steel, which is naturally tough.
It extends into the Japanese beech handle, you won't twist it !

Comes with a brown imitation leather vinyl case with a large loop to keep it on the belt (9 cm loop)
Black Japanese inscriptions on the case recall its use and the quality of the blade.

Blade length : 17cm
Blade width : 42 mm
Stainless steel blade thickness : 2.5 cm
13 cm Japanese beech handle
Total length of the tool : 30 cm.
Tool weight : 215 gr.

Total length of the tool with the scabbard : 32 cm

Made in Japan.