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Sickle for picking, market gardening and aromatics in carbon steel

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Small Japanese sickle with notched blade, ideal for picking vegetable plants and market gardening (cutting the plant at its base, cutting the root) or for harvesting lavender and aromatics, cutting tall wilted floral stems of perennials.

The blade is made of SK-5 carbon steel and hardened (hardness index HRC65).

From experience, I prefer it today to the stainless steel model whose teeth have proven to be less resistant over time. Just remember to wipe down your tool before putting it away after use.

The curved and serrated blade measures 150 mm.
The tool is ultra light (95 gr) but resistant and offers an incredible and durable edge.
The 198 mm wooden handle is lightweight and provides a comfortable grip.

The movement to use this tool is halfway between a 'classic' scythe gesture and a sawing movement with a pull saw... Very efficient !

Our advice : The blade is thin and light. Cut well by sawing in the axis of the blade. If you pull too far diagonally to the cutting axis, you risk breaking pieces of the cutting edge. Do not stick the blade into a wooden stand as we are used to with our European sickles. You risk breaking the blade at the level of a saw tooth !

When the teeth are worn, considering the price, we change the tool... but what comfort in use !

Made in Japan.