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Bamboo saw model 3 PRO +. RAZORSAW brand.

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Here is the latest from Razorsaw : the Select 250 with interchangeable blades.

Professional Japanese saw with synthetic sheath equipped with a safety.
Equipped with a bamboo saw blade also suitable for PVC and resin.
You can also equip it with a blade for arboriculture or for pruning rapidly.
Specific blades also available on this site.

Fine Japanese toothing (15 teeth per inch), pulling cut.
Interchangeable chrome aloyed steel blade, very solid and rigid for fine and precise cuts.

The blade can be changed without tools thanks to a wheel that you turn. Very easy to use.

Blade length : 250 mm, width : 38 mm, thickness : 1 mm.
Tooth working width : 1 mm.
Weight of the tool alone : ​​180 g.
Tool weight with scabbard : 265 g.
Handle in red and silver composite material, with a hole at the end to pass a cord through.

Delivered with sheath with 2 belt loops up to 65 mm wide with a hole to attach it with a carabiner.
A loop keeps the sheath permanently on the belt, the other is open at the front and allows it to be put on and taken off the belt easily, without removing all the other sheaths present on the belt.
This scabbard is fitted with a safety device preventing the blade from coming out when the scabbard is turned over. It simply clips on when you store it and unclips it with a button to take it out. Arborist pruners will appreciate.
It also has a wide opening at its base allowing water and dusts to drain easily.

Find the special pruning or arboriculture blades available on the site.

Made in Japan.