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Ultra-light one-handed Japanese shears, Nishigaki brand, 270 mm

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Traditional one-handed Japanese shears (Hakari basami) ultra-light to trim topiaries and leaves, from industrial manufacture, in high carbon steel, Nishigaki brand.

Weight : 230g. Length : 270mm. Blades : 115mm.

Cold forged high carbon steel blades with a chrome finish to avoid rust.
Hardness index (Rockwell) : HRC 58 (European blades are often between 48 and 52)
The blades are polished for a perfect cut, to limit the adhesion of sap or resin and to facilitate their cleaning.
The blades are hollowed out on the inside for even more lightness and to facilitate the evacuation of pruning waste.

Blades riveted to sturdy aluminum handles with anti-slip surface treatment, for great lightness and good grip.

Stainless "pine needle" type spring, very responsive and pleasant to use.

Equipped with a 10 mm nut for tightening the blades
Aluminum clasp to keep tucked in during work.

Ideal for enthusiasts and professionals of topiary or Japanese-style trees, boxwood borders and horticulturists who will appreciate being able to pinch the plants with their fingers while keeping their tool in their hand thanks to its protective handle (removable).

For those who wish to benefit from Japanese quality while sparing their budget.

Attention, the metal being conductive, we invite you not to work near electric cables.
The blades are extremely sharp, keep them closed when not in use or inserted in their case (sold separately).

Made in Japan.