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One-handed Japanese shears, TAKEJI Brand, narrow blades, 270 mm

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Traditional one-handed Japanese shears for topiaries (Hakari basami) in S55C carbon steel, from TAKEJI brand, extremely resistant and light.

Hot forged by hand in Japan, blade polished with a "mirror" finish.

Weight : 260g. Length : 270mm. Blades : 115mm.

S55C tempered steel with moderate carbon content, sturdy and more shock-tolerant.
Hardness index (Rockwell): HRC 55 (European blades are often between 48 and 52)

Blades and handles are forged in one-piece for a long life.
Polished blades with a "mirror" finish to limit sap adhesion and facilitate cleaning.
The inside of the blades is very slightly concave to limit friction and allow the evacuation of excess sap. The blades are slightly twisted to ensure a single point of contact between the blades, all the way to the tip.

A little gem of a forge !

Their lightness will be appreciated by women.
Their finesse makes them usable for precision works, when it is necessary to fit into dense vegetation. They can, for example, be used when pruning pine candles.
These scissors offer a very large blade opening.

Ideal for horticulturists and enthusiasts of Japanese-style or topiary trees, boxwood borders...

A solid brass handle protects the fingers from rubbing against the plants for long pruning works. This handle also allows you to pinch plants with your fingers (especially pine candles) while keeping the tool in your hand.

Delivered in a beautiful yellow and gold cardboard box (dimensions: 290 x 95 x 30 mm)

Made in Japan.