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Japanese secateurs Type S 190 mm Ittoryű brand

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Traditional Japanese pruning shears in high carbon steel, very , Ittoryű brand, light and resistant.
Length 190 mm, intermediate size.

Type S (angle of the blade slightly broken with respect to the axis of the handles, as on the type A and slightly curved handles).

Indicative acceptable cutting diameter (depends on the nature of the wood and whether it is green or dry) : 20 mm.

Weight : 230g. Length : 190mm. Blade length : 48mm. Handles : 90 mm.

Space between handles when full opened (at middle finger level): 78 mm.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             High carbon SK-5 hardened steel, extremely strong, greatly spacing the sharpenings.
Hardness index (Rockwell) : HRC 57 (European blades are often between 48 and 52)

The blades are polished for a perfect cut, to limit the adhesion of the resin and to facilitate their cleaning.
Blades and handles are forged in one-piece for a long life.
Fitted with an 11 mm blade tightening nut to adjust your shears.
Spring type "pine needles", flexible and dynamic at the same time,
Resin clasp.
Ideal for all garden professionals, horticulturists or demanding individuals, this exceptional pruner is also a very beautiful tool, with Ittoryű golden mark and ideograms on the blade.
Delivered in a black cardboard box with golden ideograms on top specifying the origin. As a gift, we also offer a Japanese washi paper box in the complementary items.

Made in Japan.