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Japanese Gardeners Scissors in Aogami carbon steel, Masamune Brand.

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80.00 EUR
Traditional Japanese gardeners and arborists scissors of (Ueki basami) in High carbon paper blue steel (Aogami) of the MASAMUNE brand, light and extremely resistant.

Weight : 265g. Length : 210mm. Blades : 75mm.
Super high carbon Aogami tempered steel, extremely strong, greatly spacing the sharpenings.
Hardness index (Rockwell) : HRC 58 (European blades are often between 48 and 52)

Blades and handles One-piece forged for a long life.

Fitted with a 10 mm tightening nut to adjust your blades.

All-purpose scissors, ideal for lovers of Japanese gardens, bonsaika, florists and horticulturists.
These scissors are always on the belt of Japanese gardeners
Their tapered tips are very practical for threading them between thin and tight branches such as on maples or azaleas. They are also used to cut the palm rope (shuronawa) when making traditional bamboo fences. Their rounded shape allows them to fall naturally to hand.
Without spring, they are manipulated with the middle finger inside the handle and the index finger outside.
Symbol of the profession of landscape gardener, they are offered at the birth of boys in the families of landscapers and arboriculturists...

Delivered in a cardboard box with the effigy of the Masamune brand. To offer, we offer a large box in Japanese washi paper in the complementary articles.

Made in Japan.