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Fine grit #600 half-round diamond file for sharpening cutting tools

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Half-round diamond file with fine grit #600 for refining your gardening tools : diamond coating with #600 grit on both sides, for your straight blades or your curved blades, very fine, it is perfect for sharpening hedge trimmers, secateurs, shears, sickles...

Stronger than a sharpening stone, very durable, it does not require regular retreading, it does not require water or pre-soaking unlike water stones.


Total width : 13mm.
File length : 80mm.
File thickness : 3.2 mm.
Total tool length : 225mm.
Total weight of the tool : 60 gr.

Respect the initial angle of your tools when sharpening.
Fix your tool on a support for more precision during sharpening.
We advise you to put the final sharpening touch with at least, a grit #1000 to obtain the benefits of japanese carbon steel kinness

Diatoishi brand from HÔNEN.
Made in Japan.