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Coarse #200 grit rhombic (diamond) diamond file for sharpening saws and cutting discs

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Rhombic diamond file with coarse grit of #200 grit (diamond-shaped) for quick sharpening of your saws and cutting discs, it also allows you to resume the thread of your chipped shears or your knives.

The angle of the file will allow you to fit into the finest teeth. However, we consider filing suitable for fairly coarse teeth (<10 teeth per inch) such as coarse-tooth pruning saws, arboreal saws, or coarse-tooth European handsaws. Sharpening Japanese saw teeth is long and tedious (often 3 angles to be taken on each tooth), the finer the teeth, the more complicated it will be. Patience is the mother of all virtues ! Making your blade last is a good gesture for the planet, but if you don't have the experience, we recommend that you simply change the blade.

Stronger than a sharpening stone, very durable, it does not require regular retreading, it does not require water or pre-soaking unlike water stones.

#200 grit diamond coating on all 4 sides.


Total width : 19mm.
Width of each face : 9.5 mm.
File length : 89 mm.
File thickness : 3 mm (obtuse angle of 165° on the "flat" part, acute angle of 20° on the edges)
Total tool length : 192mm.
Total weight of the tool : 45 gr.

Respect the initial angle of your tools when sharpening.
Fix your tool on a support for more precision during sharpening.

Diatoishi brand from Honen.
Made in Japan.