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Japanese Masamune disbudding scissors

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Japanese Masamune disbudding scissorsBeautiful small hand forged disbudding scissors in SK-5 steel from MASAMUNE.
Extremely strong and very ergonomic !
Its fineness of blades allows it to interfere in the narrowest straddles...
Perfect for pruning pine candles, it will also be suitable for pruning young shoots of maple trees, faded flowers on roses...

I particularly like their small size and shape. Wedge the lug at the top of the handle between your index and middle fingers, this allows you to keep them in the palm of the palm by using your fingers to pinch the candles... A treat !

Following the feedback of a left-handed customer, I confirm that the shaping of the lugs favors their use by right-handed people. And unfortunately, this item is not made for left-handed people (as is often the case). However, this does not exclude its ambidextrous use if you place your hand under the lugs.

Tool length : 175 mm
Length of the 2 blades : 55 mm
Tool weight : 156 gr! Extremely light !!!

Sold in a beautiful blue Japanese washi box.

Also available in a 165 mm blade + counter-blade version (secateur type) for those who would like to favor robustness in order to prune harder wood or have a small secateurs with thin blades...

Made in Japan.
Customer reviews
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Very nice scissors. The deburring could be a little bit better. I smoothed out some of the rough edges with a metal file on my own.
Hakan K.