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Holster for shears, Masamune brand

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Holster equipped with 2 rigid nylon pockets and a metal S-shaped hook to hang one or two shears per pocket from your tripod ladder, your scaffolding, from the side of a dump truck or directly from the branches of a plant in your environment. work... you can also slide or hang (on the hook or on the edge of the pockets), your saws, water bottle or small water bottle (500 ml type) or other tools...

Let's remember on this occasion that hydration is important when working in the garden, especially during periods of high heat !

Rigid black Nylon holster, reinforced with metal rivets.
Equipped with a handle on the top for manual transport, a metal eyelet on the top for storage or hanging a rope or other accessory... (internal diameter of the eyelet : 11 mm).

Dimensions :
Total length : 67 cm
Width : 18 cm.
Pocket length : 36.5 cm
Internal pocket width : 4 cm at the bottom, widening to 13 cm at the top.
Pocket depth : 65 mm, which allows you to fit up to 2 shears or a small bottle of water, a can, etc...
Weight of the holster (without tools) : 380 gr.

Thanks to this sheath, your shears will no longer be lying around on the ground and you will know where to put them when you are working on your tripod or scaffolding. They will not risk falling (which can be dramatic for your blades made of Japanese carbon steel, which is more brittle) and you will not risk injuring yourself with improperly stored blades.

Very convenient and safe !

Brand Masamune