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Hitsu Nata pruning hatchet, in AOGAMI Steel

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Japanese Hitsu Nata hatchet for pruning and forestry works on a long wooden handle.

(To cut low branches, remove branches on trunks after felling, reduce or separate branches before passing through the shredder, etc.)

The pruners and their men will appreciate it.

Heavy 380 g blade, double-edged (straight grind), in Aogami No. 2 tempered steel (Hitachi blue paper).
Rockwell hardness index : HRC 62!!!
Incredible sharpness guaranteed...

Blade length : 155 mm long (cutting edge 130 mm long) with knocker hook at its end to protect the blade from impacts (on a stone or on the ground for example)
Width of the blade : from 50 mm at its base to 55 mm at its end (75 mm with the knocker hook)
Blade thickness : approximately 5 mm.

Black painted finish with engraved ideograms, polished on the edge.

The oval socket at the base of the blade is firmly fitted and held by a round metal wedge, on a long and solid Japanese oak handle (red or white oak depending on availability) 45.5 cm long and shaped ovoid (diameter 25 x 30 mm).
The word Hitsu from Hitsu Nata refers to this type of fitting.

Total tool weight : 610 g.
Total tool length : 56 cm.

Comes with a red vinyl case with a snap closure tab and a ring for storage.

Before use, always check the presence of the wedge at the end of the handle and ensure that the blade is firmly set in the handle and does not move.
If the blade moves, hit the corner with a hammer until the blade is stationary.
Always check that no one is in the work area, particularly in the axis of the tool to avoid any accident if it were to escape you.
Let the weight of the tool work, do not use excessive force as this could damage your tool.
Keep out of reach of children without adult supervision.

Made in Japan.