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Japanese tripod ladder PRO 210 cm reinforced, VARIO model.

(Code: Kyatatsu 210 EN PRO VARIO EN)
490.00 EUR
Availability date: 15 May 2024
Aluminum Japanese gardener's tripod ladder.
PRO 210 VARIO model with 3 adjustable feet
adapting to all terrain configurations.
Complies with European standard EN131 (payload of 150 Kg).

Reinforced, very stable and light: Weight 11.6 Kg.

7 rungs spaced 30 cm apart.
Step depth of 12 cm ensuring comfortable foot support while working.

The rear foot is adjustable to 4 positions spaced 145 mm apart to adapt to embankments.

Captive leg adjustment pins, permanently riveted, equipped with a spring to facilitate their installation and keep them in position.

The 2 front feet are adjustable in 10 positions, adjustable from 5 cm to 5 cm to ensure the horizontality of the rungs in all positions with respect to the slope.
Fully deploying the 2 front feet saves you almost a rung in height.

Folded ladder height: 195 cm.
Width feet fully retracted: 83 cm.
Width feet fully extended: 114 cm.
Height of the first step from the ground, front feet fully extended: 54 cm.

Height of the top from the ground with the front legs fully retracted: 184 cm.
Height of the top from the ground with the front legs fully extended: 225 cm.

For your safety and comfort, we recommend that you work with your hips resting on the summit plateau. The safety chain should always be in place in the taut position.

Attention, do not use on a hard surface without rubber pads on the feet (optional).
These buffers prevent the ladder from slipping on a very smooth surface such as marble, avoid damaging your terrace, and preserve the wear of the aluminum feet of the ladder when it is used on a hard surface.

This tripod ladder is suitable for maximum working heights between approximately 2 and 3 m depending on the adjustment of the feet.

Japanese brand HASEGAWA.
Made in China under Japanese specifications and quality control.